Go Ahead, Play w/ Your Food

Mom always told you not to play with your food, right? How many of us actually listened? Unfortunately, a lot of us. Not to fear everyone, it is not too late to enjoy your food in a way that is beyond basic nourishment. Anything as prominent in your life as three times a day (meals that is) should be treated with a bit of humor and appreciation.

Think about it. Did any of you ever play in your birthday cake?

Do you toss popcorn or candy in the air and try to catch it?

Is the meal sometimes too good to eat civilized and you dig right in?

Often those moments and enjoyments are shared with friends and family. Well I like to play with my food too, and if you’re reading this, you’re my newest foodie friend. The way we play with our food on Everybody’s Hungry is with Guess Jay’s Plate.

Guess Jay’s Plate is a game migrating from my Facebook page. It involves a place to eat, some clues about that place and all the fun responses you, as the readers, can come up with trying to guess what’s being ordered. If you want in on the game, subscribe to the blog and watch for installments.

In the meantime, every once in awhile, don’t just eat your meal. Have some fun with it too. Your food has earned it.

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