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The Everybody’s Hungry segment on Tom & Sandy 805 features founder, Jason Hendrick, and showcases restaurants, foods and hunger fighting organizations throughout the 805 area code. Tune in to KVTA 1590AM on Saturday mornings at 7am Pacific, or via Tom & Sandy’s Livestream link.

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Bonus segments feature Everybody’s Hungry’s founder, Jason Hendrick, but may not reflect an Everybody’s Hungry topic.

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Paradise Pantry – Ventura (8/18/12) This is Jason’s very first appearance on Tom & Sandy’s 805. Listen to his profile of Paradise Pantry in Ventura.
Download: 2012-8-18 (Paradise Pantry)
Garage Dogs – Thousand Oaks (8/27/12)
In this segment Jason cruises down the 101 to Garage Dogs for an American classic.
Download: 2012-8-25 (Garage Dogs)
The Ventura Meat Co. – Ventura (9/1/12)
Michael Buckley, owner/operator of The Ventura Meat Company fills in for Jason and brings Tom & Sandy up to speed on the philosophies of the shop and qualities of great meat.
Download:2012-9-1 (TVMC)
Sweet Stuff Confections – Ventura (9/8/12)If you love bacon, beer and cupcakes, then this segment is for you. Sweet Stuff Confections combines the three into a Jackson Pollock of flavor.
Download: 2012-9-8 (Sweet Stuff Confections)
D’Angelo’s Bakery – Santa Barbara (9/15/12)
Are you a carb lover? Does your image of a great bread bakery include old German style loaves whose recipes have been handed down from artisan grandfathers? D’Angleo’s is for you. Listen to find out why.
Download: 2012-9-15 (D’Angelo’s Bakery)
Simply Pies – Goleta (9/22/12)
Fruit pies, cream pies and even hand-crafted pot pies, Simply Pies in Goleta is your place to get all manner of great ingredients inside a flaky, butter pie shell.
Download: 2012-9-22 (Simply Pies)
Ric’s Sports Lounge – Camarillo (9/29/12)
A place to grab a bite to eat while watching some great sports doesn’t need to be a dive or serve everything from a deep-fat fryer. Next time the game’s on, try Ric’s.
Download: 2012-9-29 (Ric’s Sports Lounge)
Peking Restaurant – Ventura (10/6/12)
Jason gives you a glimpse of dim sum and some fantastic Chinese food in this episode about Peking Restaurant in Ventua.
Download: 2012-10-6 (Peking Restaurant)
Barrelhouse 101 – Ventura (10/13/12)A Friday night birthday celebration at Barrelhouse 101 proves to make the early Saturday morning segment a little more difficult than normal. Listen to the replay for a good chuckle and why Barrelhouse 101 is a fun place to hang out.
Download: 2012-10-13 (Barrelhouse 101)
Food Forward* – Ventura County (10/20/12)
Martha Penhall, Director for Food Forward Ventura County, covers for Jason while he’s at the Purdue Half Marathon and provides inspiration for getting involved with food recovery and fighting hunger.
Download: 2012-10-20 (Food Forward)
Halloween Candy (10/27/12)
Jasons feeds his sweet tooth and provides some fun facts about Halloween candy while Tom & Sandy snack on some nostalgic sweets.
Download: 2012-10-27 (Halloween Candy)
Killer B’s BBQ – Santa Barbara (11/3/12)
Pulled pork, brisket, smoked turkey, and Sandy’s favorite: deep-fried pickles. Who knew?
Download: 2012-11-3 (Killer B’s)
LooHoo’s Asian Comfort Food – Ventura County (11/10/12)
Chef Cindy Liu joins Jason in studio to talk about her coffee pairing dinner and surprises Tom & Sandy with a live demonstration/tasting of smoked beef carpaccio.
Download: 2012-11-10 (LooHoo’s Asian Comfort)
Talkin’ Turkey (11/17/12)
With Thanksgiving on the horizon, what else would we be talking about? And Tom finally gets a new song for the segment opening.
Download: 2012-11-17 (Talkin Turkey)
Leftovers w/ Chef Sam from The Rhumbline – Ventura (11/24/12)
Soooo much turkey. Chef Sam Murchie is behind the mic with Jason with tips on how to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers.
Download: 2012-11-24 (Rhumbline Restaurant)
CEO Bonnie Weigel of FOOD Share – Ventura County (12/1/12)
The holiday season is a critical time of need for the hungry in our communities and Bonnie Weigel, CEO of FOOD Share, shares her perspective with Jason about their campaigns and the faces of need.
Download: 2012-12-1 (FOOD Share)
Axxess – Ventura County (12/8/12)
Steve Dato and Michelle Mercado join the studio crew to shed light on how to enjoy so many great meals in Ventura County without breaking the bank, while supporting community at the same time.
Download: 2012-12-8 (Ventura Axxess)
The Raw Bar at Four Seasons – Westlake Village (12/15/12)
Seafood and snow? The combination works and The Raw Bar at the Four Seasons Westlake is the best place to experience both.
Download: 2012-12-15 (Raw Bar-Four Seasons)
Christmas Foods (12/22/12)
A great segment of comfort and reminiscing, Tom, Sandy and Jason talk about iconic Christmas dishes and those that get them in the holiday spirit.
Download: 2012-12-22 (Christmas Foods)
Sticky Fingers Baking Co. – Ventura (12/29/12)
An after-Christmas segment focusing on great muffins, pastries and baked goods, including vegan and gluten free. Sticky Fingers Baking Co. offered up some beautiful samples that Tom and Sandy try on-air.
Download: 2012-12-29 (Sticky Fingers Baking)

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