First Cut – an educational series….


It’s two days before the big game or dinner party. You have friends coming over and you want to impress them with your grilling and culinary skills. You’re standing at the meat counter at the big chain grocery store, “Now Serving” ticket in hand, clueless as to what to buy and why. I may be way off base, but I don’t think the high school student cleaning the grinder is will be of much help.

The teams at Everybody’s Hungry and The Ventura Meat Company have been on that same linoleum tile before, pacing back and forth hoping that some cellophane wrapped gem will sparkle and spare us the agony of evaluation. It’s a lonely feeling, which is why we’ve launched The First Cut educational series.

The First Cut is a series of interactive classes offered on premesis at The Ventura Meat Company, with a consistent theme and goal; to increase your knowledge about the meat you’re eating, where it’s coming from and how to enjoy it a little better. We may have some fun getting you in an apron too and helping you take YOUR First Cut.

The First Cut, representing your first cut of meat and first step toward more confidence at the butcher case.

Current Class Series:
– Sept. 26th: Cooking w/ & Enjoying Fats COMPLETED
– Oct. 24th: Breaking Down Your Beef COMPLETED
Nov. 21st: The Day of a Rancher COMPLETED

– Dec. 19th: Holiday Special Edition
Join us for a session full of tips about holiday meals and roasting. We’ll demonstrate how to tie up a beef roast and how to crown a pork roast. It’s  an opportunity to relax and enjoy your evening before Christmas chaos.

Eventbrite - The First Cut Series 2013

Previous Classes:
Basics from Your Butcher
The Perfect Blend: Ground Meats, Great Flavor
The Griswold: Turkey Carving and Stuffing
Holiday Roasts
Super Fowl 2013 (Turducken)
Bib Worthy: All About Ribs

Proceeds/food donations from First Cut classes benefit FOOD Share of Ventura County. Food Share Seal

*Classes are subject to change based upon attendee requests and resource availability. To stay in the loop, please contact Jason at to be added to the email list.

Watch live!

2 Responses to First Cut – an educational series….

  1. Clay says:

    Just found EBH via FB and wanted to know more about how active it is. I have a little “dinner club” in the Ventura area – many of the attendees might be interested in knowing more about EBH. First Cut series still going on? Anything coming up to help Ventura County Food Share?

    • Thank you for your message Clay. The First Cut series is kicking off a 4 month reboot on Thursday with the first discussion covering the flavors and benefits of integrating healthy animal fats in your diet. Additional details and tickets are available at

      In regards to FOOD Share, every event we organize benefits the food bank in some way, either through a portion of proceeds or direct food donation. Our newest edition, the Everybody’s Hungry Racing Team will also benefit FOOD Share through exposure and fundraising. We also work hard to put out information about their efforts and other events they benefit from through our page and social media.

      We really appreciate you reaching out and look forward to connecting further. Please feel free to fill out the Contact Me in order for us to communicate with you more directly and effectively.

      The Everybody’s Hungry staff

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