Welcome to Everybody’s Hungry!

Everybody’s Hungry is equal parts food/life activity blog, food education and charitable inspiration, giving back to our community.

Everybody’s Hungry is a way of sharing a passion for food and life, along with chronicling efforts to give back to the hungry community through volunteering and behind-the-scenes food tours and educational events. The website is full of articles about all sorts of culinary fun, from food adventures to general perspectives on eating. You’ll also find stories about life’s moments that make the EBH team smile. Most importantly, there are opportunities to track EBH’s efforts to raise awareness about the need and support for local food banks and the hungry people within our communities, as well as the charitable donations to FOOD Share of Ventura County through our food-focused educational events and community outreach. Our hope is that you’ll be entertained by the blog articles and inspired to help your community in some way.

Other highlights include recipe submissions, guest postings and segments like Guess Jay’s Plate, The Cupcake Counter and EBH Food Duels, where we pit one food contender against another and ask our followers to determine the victor.

Whether you found us through a friend or stumbled across the site from an internet search, we welcome you to the Everybody’s Hungry table. Enjoy an article from the blog page and remember to enjoy food and life by taking a bite and sharing a bite.