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Pints and Pairings Logo - Blackpints&pairings is a podcast/video-cast series co-hosted with Curtis Taylor, aka HopHeadSaid.  We explore flavor components and characteristics of a distinct beer or beer style, and sometimes specific brewery. The hosts, or #beersuggestioneers if you will, sample the beers throughout the show, providing perspective and commentary, then giving some food pairing suggestions for the beer being showcased. The YouTube videos and more about HopHeadSaid and be found here.                                                                    yt-brand-standard-logo-630px  itunes

* Descriptions taken, and sometimes modified,  from our partner,
Intro Show (Released on 5/5)
Your basic intro show, where we get you acquainted with the format and topics we’ll cover. We might drink a little beer too.
BJCP 1: Light Lagers (Released on 5/6)stella-artois-logo
Curtis and I explore the flavor profiles and food pairings possibilities of light lagers. I know it may be hard to imagine, but we do have some good suggestions.
Beer featured: Stella Artois
BJCP 2: Pilsner (Released on 5/6) ob-mamaslittleyellapils
Curtis and I explore the flavor profiles and food pairing possibilities of Pilsners (Curtis’ favorite lager category). I discover a unique flavor and Curtis runs with the possibilities.
Beer featured: Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils
p&p - Amber LagerBJCP 3: European Amber Lagers (Released on 5/7)
Oh the possibilities for the European amber lagers! Chili, Mexican and … I don’t want to give away all the secrets, you’ll have to listen to what we come up with.
 Beer featured: Negra Modelo
p&p - Dark LagerBJCP 4: Dark Lager (Released 5/7)
It doesn’t matter if your Schwarz is bigger than mine. What matters is if it can pair with Brazilian cuisine and oatmeal cookies.  Well, does it?
 Beer featured: Xingu Dark Lager
p&p - BocksBJCP 5: Bocks (Released 5/16)
Are you a German beer fan? Do you appreciate malty, caramel notes in your pint? Maybe you’re a closet flan fan. Click to here why all those things go together.
 Beer featured: Paulaner Salvator
The BudMilOors Challenge Part 1 (Released 5/22)BudMiloors
A while back a friend of Curtis’ challenged him to do a taste test and beer pairing for the BIG 3 lights/lites.  He resisted for a long time (Why spend time drinking beer you don’t enjoy?) and it only seemed like a reasonable request after he and I started this podcast.
Sooo, what you have here is part 1 of two bonus episodes.  In this episode Curtis and I taste the BIG 3 lights/lites and try to commit their flavors to memory so we can identify them out in a blind taste.
The BudMilOors Challenge Part 2 (Released 5/29)BudMiloors
As the name suggests, this is part 2 of the BudMilOors taste challenge.  In this episode Curtis and I test each other’s palates as we do side-by-side tasting and a blind tasting.
Intro to Styles 6-8 (Released 6/6)p&p - Golden Road
Curtis and I get warmed up for Hybrids by talking about the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival and the Casa Pacifica Wine and Food Festival.
 Beer featured: Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds
BJCP 6: Light Hybrids (Released 6/06)p&p - Blonde Ale
Take 2!  After running through three full shows the previous week, only to find out that all the audio was full of echo and unusable, we decide to try again. This time we double checked all the settings on the sound board to make sure there weren’t any horrible reverb echoes.
Curtis and I delve into light hybrid beers, talk about why they are considered hybrids and about food pairing suggestions.
 Beer featured: Mission Brewery Blonde Ale
BJCP 7: Amber Hybrids (Released 6/13) p&p - Amber Hybrid
Curtis and I explore Amber Hybrid beers and explain why they are considered hybrids.  We also talk about some great food suggestions.
Beer featured: Anchor Brewing Anchor Steam
BJCP 8: English Pale Ale (Released 6/28) p&p - American English Ales
The workhorse of beer and food pairings. Pale ales pair well with hearty foods, fried foods and cheese. Is there anything this beer can’t pair with… about the only thing it doesn’t pair well with is vegetables, unless they are deep fried! 🙂
Listen to the podcast for some unique Italian and French cuisine pairings.
*note: Green King is in fact a UK beer no matter what Curtis says in the podcast…p&p - English Ales
Beers featured: Anderson Valley Belk’s ESB and Morland “Old Speckled Hen”
Intro to Styles 9-10 (Released 7/9)p&p - 9-10 Intro
Curtis and I catch up with each other and talk about mobile bottling units, the local music scene and Curtis’ interview with Jamie Floyd of Ninkasi brewing.
Beer featured: Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils
BJCP 9a-c: Scottish Ales (Released 7/10) p&p - Scottish Ales
Curtis and I explore Scottish ales.  We give you a couple of tips on how to differentiate a Scottish Ale from a Scotch Ale. We also come up with some diverse pairing suggestions.
…and Jason coins a new phrase, but you will have to listen to the podcast to learn what it is!
Beer featured: Belhaven Scottish Ale
Live Remote from Surf Brewery w/ Escabeche Bistro (Released 7/13) p&p - Surf Brewery
Curtis and I do our first pints&pairings remote for this bonus episode.  We visit Surf Brewery in Ventura, Ca  and explore the beer pairing possibilities with Escabeche Bistro, a Mexican/French fusion food truck.
*Disclaimer – It’s a long one.
BJCP 9d: Irish Red Ales (Released 7/17)Brand
Curtis and I talk about why he isn’t interested in opening his own beer store, then explore the history and flavors found in Irish ales. I come up with an unusual pairing and we roll with it!
Beer featured: O’Hara’s Irish Red
BJCP 10: American Pale Ales (Released 7/23) p&p - Pale Ales
Curtis and I are back with another episode, talking American Pale Ales. It is a welcome change of pace from the malty Irish and Scottish ales we had been drinking up to that point.
Weigh in with a comment and your perspective on my offering of oyster Po-boys, one of the most exotic fried food sandwiches Curtis has ever heard of.
Beer featured: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Intro to Styles 10-13 (Released 9/9)
We’ve been on hiatus, but jump right back into the swing of things (mostly). After shaking off a little dust, we chat about beer adventures and the new growler law in CA.
BJCP 10c: American Brown Ales (Released 9/9)p&p - American Brown
Curtis and I re-visit BJCP style #10 American Ales because he just happened to have a Surly Bender on hand. It’s a super tasty example of American Brown Ales and we have some fantastic pairing suggestions.
Beer featured: Surly Bender Brown
BJCP 11c: English Brown Ales (Released 9/23)p&p - English Brown Ales
Curtis and I explore the Northern version of English Brown Ales. I stump Curtis on the difference between the Northern and Southern styles*. We also talk about how you can enjoy this beer for breakfast (not that we would ever do that, but if one wanted a breakfast beer then we’ve got an idea for you).
*Southern brown ales traditionally use less hops** and dark sugar (brown sugar, turbinado or molasses) additions that produce a more caramel taste** and a darker color than the nuttier Northern versions.
**if you can believe that
Beer featured: Newcastle English Brown Ale
BJCP 12: Porters (Released 9/30)poly
pints&pairings  #beersuggestioneers take on sessionable porters. I toss out some gamey suggestions and Curtis tries to explain the differences between Porter and Stouts.
Just to clarify,  porters don’t usually use roasted barley (the ingredient that would make the beer a stout) and so have a more pronounced chocolaty flavor profile as opposed to bitter chocolate or roasted coffee that is found in stouts.
Beer featured: Wasatch Brewing Polygamy Porter
BJCP 13: Stouts (Released 9/9)Logo - Great Divide
After a session of session beers, Curtis and I dive right into the stouts by enjoying Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide.  The warming chocolaty-coffee buzz fuels some great beer conversation.
I wow Curtis with a fantastic and unusual pairing and we have a couple great dessert pairings for you, but, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.
Logo - YetiChicory discussion update: Chicory is in the radicchio family and the tops are used as leafy bitter greens and also dried and used in chicory coffee.
Beer featured: Great Divide Yeti
BJCP 10-13 Meltdown (The “Food in Mouth” post-show) (Released 9/30)
The first and maybe the last time we ever do a meltdown show for pints&pairings. Do not listen to this episode, there is nothing remotely educational or beer related here.  I may even go as far as saying there isn’t anything even entertaining here.
IPA Pre-show (Released 10/7)
Curtis and I get warmed up before we take on all three subcategories of IPA.
BJCP 14a: English IPA (Released 10/7)
Curtis and I kick off the IPA rounds of pints&pairings by exploring the original light beer and talking about how the IPA creation mythology is seriously flawed.  We taste and enjoy the classic English example, Samuel Smith’s IPA.
BJCP 14b: American IPA (Released 10/14)u1711
Your pints&pairings beer suggestioneers enjoy a classic example of an American IPA.  Crow Peak’s 11th Hour IPA brings happiness to both of us. We also talk about the vanishing regional differences in American IPA’s.
Beer featured: Crow Peak Brewing 11th Hour IPA
BJCP 14c: Imperial IPA (Released 10/21)TAP-HOP-SLAYER-rs
The pints&pairings’ beer suggestioneers let the beer do the talking, or rather the Imperial IPA induced impairment do the talking. Curtis makes fun of session beer, beer geeks and I provide the food pairings.  We can all be happy that he is around to save this show.
Beer featured: Wild Onion Brewing Hop Slayer Double IPA
BJCP 14 IPA Meltdown (Released 10/28)
There is nothing to see here. Move along, people.  C’mon, get going.
We thought there would only be one meltdown show on pints&pairings, but we were wrong. In this one, we try to figure out what the meltdown show should actually be and if it will be a regular occurrence moving forward. We channel our inner Lloyd and Harry as well.
BJCP 14d: Black IPA (Released 10/28)5636472
Back in action, the pints&pairings beer suggestioneers tackle Wookey Jack, a delicious rye, black IPA. A quick Google search gives us some insight into the name as we ponder the name. We come up with some great dessert pairings and a “blow your mind” chili pairing suggestion.
Beer featured: Firestone Walker Wookey Jack
BJCP 15-18 Intro (Released 11/5)5636472
Your pints&pairings beer suggestioneers are back, prepping for BJCP styles 15-18.
Beer featured: Seef Bier
BJCP 15a: Weizen/Weissbier (Released 11/6)
The beer suggestioneers announce a new pints&pairings sponsor, The Beer Cave.  If you live in or are traveling the 101 through Camarillo, CA make sure you stop in and stock up.
They dig into a delicious Dunkelweissen and discuss some really great fall spiced desserts.
Beer featured: Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier Dunkel
BJCP 16a: Witbier (Released 11/11)
Keeping with the focus on fall flavors, the beer suggestioneers explore Belgian Witbiers’ subtle spice and sweet malt.
Beer featured: Allagash White
BJCP 16c: Belgian Saison (Released 11/18)
The pints&pairings sugestioneers press on and examine the subtleties and nuances of saisons. You’ll be excited about some of the pairings that come up.
Geeky info:  Saisons originated in the French speaking part of Belgium called Wallonia.  Historically saisons (or seasonal beers) were brewed at the beginning of spring for consumption through the summer months.  These spicy, medium-light body, highly carbonated beers are refreshing and thirst quenching.
Beer featured: Shiner FM 966
BJCP 17: Sours (Released 11/25)
The beer suggestioneers briefly talk about all kinds of sour beers available but spend most of the episode talking about the incredible pairing opportunities of Flanders Red sour beers.
There is very little bitterness in this beer style, which is common in sour beers.  Instead of hops the brewers balance the malty sweetness by using special yeast and bacteria strains that will sour the beer just enough to balance the sweetness.
Beer featured: Rodenbach Flanders Red
BJCP 18: Belgian Strong Dark (Released 12/2)
The pints&pairings beer suggestioneers dissect the flavor profiles of Chimay Blue and discover some fantastic food pairings.
These beers, sometimes called Quadrupels (yes that is spelled right), are perfect for desert but also pair well with dark fruits or chocolates. These are also great beers for your wine friends because there is very little bitterness (common among BIG Belgian beers) and many layers of complexity; from dark fruit to caramel or wood flavors from the casks to peppery spiciness from the yeast.
Beer featured: Chimay Blue
Winter Warmer’s Pre-Show (Released 12/9)
The pints&pairings hosts get warmed up for a special show featuring beers that will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.
Beer featured: Uncommon Siamese Twin
Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer (Released 12/10)
The pints&pairings beer suggestioneers explore the deliciousness that is holiday spiced beers.
These full-bodied beers will often have pronounced caramel or molasses-like aromas and flavors as well as a warming alcohol presence.  These beers also have a wide range of alcohol presence so be sure to check out the ABV before you pour yourself  big ole pint.  These beers are usually brewed with special spices such as clove or cinnamon.  These spices can make them a perfect for pairing with holiday deserts such as pumpkin pie. If you don’t see a description on the packaging look at the brewery website or for ingredients or taste descriptions.
Beer featured: AleSmith Yule Smith
Winter Warmer Meltdown (Released 12/17)
There is nothing to see here. Move along, now.

*All 2014 shows are archived and featured at

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