Our Founder

My name is Jason Hendrick and I’m a California transplant with Midwestern roots, where meal portions were hearty. I grew up an eater, and as you may envision, it was a healthy diet of meat and potato types of meals that rarely left you hungry.

Believe it or not though, I was kind of a picky eater as a kid. An education in Hospitality Management from Purdue University, along with internships in private clubs and a lot of travel for a software company in SoCal helped enhance my palette and appreciation for great cuisine. Those experiences were the open doors to culinary diversity my belly thanks me for every day.

Photo courtesy of Carol Holt Photography.

Everybody’s Hungry is my way of sharing the enthusiasm and enjoyment of a tasty treat or new food experience. Ultimately though, everybody’s hungry for something, which may not be food related at all. With that being said, other adventures may find their way to Everybody’s Hungry as well.

While Everybody’s Hungry is one part food/life activity blog, it is also “Charitable Inspiration” and food educationEBH is my way to give back to my community through donations, behind-the-scenes food tours and classes, as well as sharing those experiences with you. Our activities focus on sharing a passion for food, educating about food, and raising awareness for the hungry in our communities. Find out more about our efforts and our contributions on the Community page. Hopefully our stories and involvement will inspire you to help in your area.

Thank you for stopping by and showing your support. And remember to enjoy food and life by taking a bite and sharing a bite.