Outside the Comfort Zone

A hungry life is more than a rumbly tummy and heightened taste buds. The body and mind require all senses to be involved in the adventure. What better way to rattle them all alive but an activity that makes you a little uneasy or gets the heart racing?!?

To that point, I am a full advocate of trying something that makes you a pinch uneasy, causes your friends look at you with a little confusion or affords you the opportunity to say that you did it just so you could say you did. Check out my photos from the Rock It ride at the Ventura County Fair and you’ll see what I mean.

It was an awesome ride that raised my heart rate and dropped my stomach. The view of the fair from the pinnacle of the rotation was amazing and constantly changed as the car turned and flipped. The sound of the wind rushing by as the arm swung back and forth helped with the increase in adrenaline. Overall, it was fully worth the impulsive decision to get in line. 

Life is short. You won’t be able to sample every delicious meal, sip each and every fantastic beverage or try all the cool things that are out there. You can sure try though. Start checking items off your to-do list today, even if they’re outside your comfort zone.

Enjoy food and life by taking a bite….and sharing a bite.

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