Everybody’s Hungry is more than just checking out the newest restaurant, the sights and smells of the local farmers market or my perspective on food. The other half of Everybody’s Hungry’s existence is to appreciate the opportunities and joys in my life by giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate. There are three main goals of Everybody’s Hungry:

– share the passion for food and life
– create educational opportunities/events related to foodProfile Pic - FOOD Share
– raise awareness and support for local food banks and the hungry in the community

The last goal is very important to us. Members of Everybody’s Hungry contribute to FOOD Share of Ventura County through volunteering, fundraising opportunities and food-focused educational events and tours. Feel free to click the logos below for additional information about the activities that Everybody’s Hungry representatives have been involved with and sponsored.

The Everybody’s Hungry team also donate on a personal level each month to FOOD Share. It takes money and resources to feed almost 75,000 hungry individuals each month in Ventura County and every bit helps the cause. With over 160 partner agencies under the FOOD Share umbrella and the programs they have developed, FOOD Share is able to leverage each $1 donation into just a little over $5 in assistance.*

Everybody’s Hungry events:


Volunteer efforts:


Remember to enjoy food and life by taking a bite, but sharing a bite too.

*Doing something small can make a big difference. Be creative and think of how you could get involved at a grass roots level within your community.