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Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis is a weekly internet radio show that explores all things beer, wine, and spirits. It’s a fun and educational journey but never too serious.

* Descriptions taken, and sometimes modified,  from our partner, HopHeadSaid.com.
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Phestival Barrel House (Released on 5/5)
In spite of the hooligans outside the studio, we had a great show with the Phestival Barrel House brothers.  They are opening a new sour beer brewery in Moorpark, CA and they’ve got a great story and even better beer!
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Barrelhouse 101 Bottle Share (Released on 5/13)
Happy Hour’s first remote broadcast. Joby and Curtis talk about how to host a bottle share event. While Joby is out working the crowd Curtis sits down w/ a couple bottle share guests (including me) and learn a bit more about the beers that make us beer geeks.
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Everybody’s Hungry Cheese and a Glass (Released on 6/5)
Joby and Curtis graciously broadcast a remote from Barrelhouse 101 for our first beer and cheese pairing dinner and I join in for the recap.  When you are done listening, you will be able to take away enough pairing information to host your own dinner and wow your friends the next time they come over!
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Cocktails Show (Released on 6/7)
Joby and Curtis discuss summer cocktails and make their way through three lesser known, but, very delicious cocktails.  They also welcome their first female guest, Lumina. She is a bartender at Barrelhouse 101, she is Brazilian and she can make a mighty tasty Caipirinha. I jump in for some taste samples and a little feedback. 
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Plan B Wine Cellars (Released on 7/14)
Joby and Curtis are back at the MyBuzzRadio studio after a long stretch of remotes and vacations to interview Janis and Marlow Barger from Plan B Wine Cellars.
They discuss the unique name of their winery, their preferences in wine and why they chose to focus on Rhone varietals., as well as differences between a Rose and White Zin. I may or may knock over a glass and sample some really nice Mouvedre. 
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Whiskey Tasting @ Wade’s Wines (Released on 8/2)
Joby and Curtis broadcast from whiskey tasting at Wades Wines in Westlake Village, CA.  Chris Uhde is the whiskey expert and walks us through 8 different American Whiskies. I show my mug near the end for the “Last Call”. 
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Barrelhouse Brewing Co. (Released on 8/4)
Joby, Curtis and I celebrate IPA Day with … IPA’s!  Then, we sit down w/ Barrelhouse Brewing Company to learn a little bit more about this very young brewery.  They have a great startup story and we can expect big things from them in the future! Joby and Curtis also interview the guys from Local Craft Distribution and learn why they started their own distribution company. 
Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – We’re Driving (Released on 9/13)
Joby and Curtis ask me to sit in for the We’re Driving episode while Joby’s out of town . This show is dedicated to responsible drinking and we discuss ways to calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC) as well as how to get home if have had too much to drink.
Isreal and Laura Martinez, owners of We’re Driving and our special guests, explain their unique DD service. Curtis and I take breathalyzers throughout the show just to illustrate how having 4 beers in two hours can affect you.
To top off the show, Anastasia, from Tarts N’ Crafts, joins the post show to talk about beer and desserts! 

Happy Hour w/ Joby & Curtis – Four Brix Winery (Released on 10/4)
I get to sit in this week for Joby and we talk to Gary Stewart from Four Brix Winery in Ventura, CA.  Curtis and I taste a sangiovese wine starting from just a little over four weeks old, a one year old version and a two year old version.  A wonderful opportunity to taste three distinctly different wines from the same grape!

Tom and Sandy Unplugged Logo

Tom & Sandy Unplugged was a brief weekly internet radio show on mybuzzradio.com that had spun off from the Saturday morning AM Tom & Sandy’s 805. The platform offered a more in depth discussion with some of our favorite Saturday morning guests, covering food, beverage, music and entertainment.

Tom & Sandy Unplugged – Four Brix Winery (Taped on 12/11/12)
In this episode of Tom & Sandy Unplugged, we have some fun and talk food/wine pairings with Gary Stewart of Four Brix Winery and Chef Candace Hilger of Twenty 88 Restaurant. 


805 at Home was a weekly radio show that ran for 1 year highlighting businesses, services and community in Ventura County, helping listeners better understand why it’s a great place to live.

805 at Home – Beacon Coffee and Social Media (Released on 9/21)
The Hungry Man fills in the big chair of Steve Carrigan, along with regular host Tom Hilton. Our special guest, John Wheir of Beacon Coffee, gives us some perspective on what it took to open and maintain a craft coffee roasting facility in Ventura, CA. He then stays around to chat about the power and confusion of social media as it relates to businesses.