I’m Hungry, You’re Hungry, Everybody’s Hungry

Have you ever been sitting on the couch and thought to yourself, “Maybe I’ll go into the kitchen and find myself a snack”? Of course you have. We’ve all gone through that process before. The trouble is, you get to the refrigerator and you stare into it. 

While gazing into the cool abyss of shelves and food, the questions start to swirl.
“Do I want something sweet?”
“Should I make a sandwich?”
“Will this ruin my next meal?”

My friends, that is hunger for you. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re hungry for, you just know you’re hungry. The hope is that somewhere out there, a satiable morsel is waiting to quell the rumbling in your belly.

Welcome, to Everybody’s Hungry. This blog is my morsel.

My name is Jason and I am hungry. I have a passion for food. There is a community that surrounds it, an adventure that accompanies the trying of new ingredients and cuisines, and an enthusiasm that surrounds the culture of it. The act of consuming food satisfies the body’s need for fuel, but the experiences of dining and joy of eating is a total senses type of journey that people can immerse themselves in.

Life and food are often interchangeable in that way. The same hunger and rumbling in the belly applies to new job opportunities, travel and culture, search for adventure, finding love, and on and on. Everybody’s hungry for something. Here at Everybody’s Hungry, I’ll occasionally highlight the same appreciation and enthusiasm for life that I have for food.

So the next time you stand at the refrigerator, staring at the shelves, ask yourself,  “What am I really hungry for…?!?”

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1 Response to I’m Hungry, You’re Hungry, Everybody’s Hungry

  1. Mary says:

    Mmm…..what am I hungry for?…… I am hungry for a great idea. Voila, here it is!

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