Are Your Eyes Open? Wake Up w/ Coffee

Waking up and opening the eyes is often the first hurdle most people face in the morning. Rolling out of bed and taking a step in the right direction is the second. A daily motivation for many individuals is coffee.


That concept was in the back of our minds as a metaphor and inspiration for the creation of Eye Opener, a brand new blend from Beacon Coffee Company and Everybody’s Hungry. Eye Opener represents a joint celebration of passion; passion for sharing a great cup of coffee and giving back to the community. Leveraging the coffee in a similar manner as starting the day, Eye Opener helps raise awareness and open eyes to the fight against hunger in Ventura County.

A portion of each cup served and bag sold helps FOOD Share of Ventura County’s fight to end hunger and increase self-sufficiency. One dollar per pound roasted and distributed is being donated directly to FOOD Share and their efforts. By enjoying fresh brewed Eye Opener, you’re helping put food on someone’s table.

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Soft launched into the market at the beginning of July, the blend features three high grown South American coffees expertly roasted to accentuate delicate sweetness, stone fruit and herbaceous notes.

The coffee was celebrated at an official release party in the FOOD Share warehouse on July 21st and is available at the Beacon Coffee roasting plant/cafe, their wholesale partners listed below, as well as online. Grab a bag today for a delicious cup of coffee and chance to make a difference in the community.

Available at:IMG_8622
Beacon Coffee Company
Palermo Coffee
Kay’s Coffee Shop
Allison’s Country Cafe
Element Coffee

About the Partners:
Food Share

FOOD Share is a non-profit organization that gathers and distributes food to over 75,000 Ventura County residents in-need each year. They rely on a dedicated group of staff members, volunteers, and partner agencies to not only provide near-term assistance for the hungry, but also bring together resources and industry leaders to create programs that help individuals become self-sufficient.
Learn more at


Beacon Coffee is responsibly sourced and thoughtfully roasted. Founders John and Jennifer Wheir are committed not just to the final brew in your cup, but the entire journey of the beans they sell. As active advocates for fair and sustainable coffee sourcing, they travel annually to meet with the farmers who grow the crops that become Beacon coffee. They work diligently to provide the highest quality coffee possible while educating and improving the lives of those who embrace the beverage.
Learn more at

EBH Logo (Apple-Sig)

Everybody’s Hungry began as a food blog with a desire to educate and share a passion about food, while making a dent in the fight against hunger. The brand and efforts have grown incredibly since the launch, with Everybody’s Hungry helping food and beverage companies share their passion and products through brand ambassadorship, marketing assistance, community outreach events and media outlets. Everybody’s Hungry still retains the core foundation of hunger awareness, highlighting the efforts of FOOD Share in each and every event and marketing campaign.

*Photos courtesy of Bree & Jason Hendrick and Suzy Cummings of FOOD Share
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6 Responses to Are Your Eyes Open? Wake Up w/ Coffee

  1. This coffee sounds amazing! And I love the fact that you’re giving back to the local community at the same time – great work!

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