Eating on the Road

The best foodie advice anyone ever imparted upon me? Be adventurous in dining when on the road. Immerse yourself into the local culinary culture because that will give you a better sense of a community than the touristy sightseeing.

Through my years of traveling during a previous life at a technology company, and now with more limited travel for pleasure and business with Everybody’s Hungry, the advice has been consistently spot on.

I’ve had some awesome meals by not playing it safe. If nothing else, you can try new foods under the guise of being out of town or “on vacation”. You’re already outside the coziness of home, so why not grab something off the menu that you don’t recognize, can’t pronounce, or wouldn’t typically order in front of friends for fear of snears and curled lips? If the meal doesn’t turn out the way you expect, you can always order pizza.

You’re probably asking yourself right now, “What is he blathering on about? Get to the point.”

To be honest, there isn’t any earth shattering point. Just encouragement. When you’re out and about, or even safe in your own town, try a new cuisine or the latest trendy restaurant. Order things you don’t think should actually be on a plate. Share your experiences. That’s how you find delicious foods and create fun dining stories.

Here are photos of some of my unique plates and treats while out and about.

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