EBH Racing 2013 Season – Spartan Sprint Malibu Recap

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Hey race fans. We are very happy with the success the Everybody’s Hungry Racing Team has been having and want to share with you a race recap.

Spartan Sprint – December 7th, 2013: Malibu, CA

Running on the street is fine for most of the events that the Everybody’s Hungry Racing Team gets involved with, but every now and then you gotta get off the beaten path. To accomplish that, a couple members decided to follow in the footsteps of the many warriors and Spartans before them. Fade into scene at the Spartan Sprint – Malibu.

Race Duo

The weekend conditions were less than desired, as a good rain passed through the area the Friday before the event. Added variables beyond the course obstacles consisted of saturated and muddy paths, along with low 40temperatures.

At the finish of the “pump you up” speech, toss of the smoke and “go go go”, the 2 o’clock heat took off. The group charged an immediate uphill climb and came face to face with the glorious prizes of a cargo wall and monkey bars at the top. Participants continued to wind through the hills of Calamigos Ranch, facing many more obstacles, including a couple of full body water obstacles that shocked the body and inspired quick exits.

We can’t divulge all of the challenges, because that would simply ruin the spirit of the Spartan series. You’ll just have to go to their page and find a race near you to enter. What we can tell you is that they’re a great goal to work toward, worth fighting through and more fun with friends. For most participants, it’s less about how fast they can get through the course and more staying determined and crossing the finish line. And true to the Spartan race series tag line, “You’ll Know at the Finish.”

Jason Hendrick
Kate Maudlin

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