EBH Racing 2013 Season – Aloha Turkey Roundup Recap

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Hey race fans. We are very happy with the success the Everybody’s Hungry Racing Team has been having and want to share with you a race recap.

Aloha Turkey Roundup 8k Trail Run – November 24th, 2013: Ventura, CA

For a change of course this past season, two members of the Racing Team ran in the Aloha Turkey Roundup at Arroyo Verde Park. Part of the SOAR Trail Running Series, the Roundup helped raise awareness for SOAR – a local non-profit dedicated to stopping urban sprawl in Ventura County. A portion of the proceeds went to support SOAR’s work.


The dirt trail course consisted of two laps through the main park, then a lap through the back trails, chock full of ascents and descents. The equalizer was a climb up “The Wall”, ascending over 700 feet to a crest, followed by a fast downhill toward the finish. Awaiting the finishers after crossing the line? Pancake breakfast provided by sponsor Aloha Steakhouse.

Jason Hendrick 41:34.88 (12th overall, 4th in age group)
Bree Hendrick 54:59.84 (50th overall, 6th in age group)


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