EBH Racing 2013 Season – LA Greenway 2020 Recap

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Hey race fans. We are very happy with the success the Everybody’s Hungry Racing Team has been having and want to share with you a race recap.

LA Greenway 2020 10k – November 2nd, 2013: Los Angeles, CA www.greenway2020run.com

Following the Purdue Half Marathon, members of the team participated in the Greenway  2020 10k in Los Angeles. The race began just outside the LA Zoo and looped around a beautiful section of the LA River before leading toward the finish at Golden Road Brewery. Due to some late changes, the course came up a 1/2 mile shy, but everyone had fun and came away with good times. Everyone was able to raise up a celebratory cheers with some great beer and good music. Most importantly, it raised funds and awareness for the LA River Corporation and their goal of restoring a continuous 51 miles of the LA River.

Jason Hendrick 43:05
Bree Hendrick 49:18
Eric Drew 52:45


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