More than Just Steak Cuts

It’s quite a coincidence that I happened upon the Kaufmann Mercantile, Steak Cuts blog article today when sifting through my email. I was just in The Ventura Meat Company this morning speaking to my friend, and owner, Michael Buckley about the very same premise that the linked diagram and article is conveying. You’ll see that author, Jessica Hundley, keeps it pretty high level but it’s a good quick read for what she’s trying to accomplish.

At the root of the article is a simple education of how beef cattle are typically portioned for the carnivorous populace. If you read a little deeper though, there are additional conversations that can be had using little snippets of the info provided. Topics such as creativity with food, innovation, class and economic distinction and the general appetite that humans have for beef. After reading, see what you end up talking about over the dinner table and a fine marbled steak.

Steak Cuts

Cuts of Beef. Image via Old Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

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