Hunger Knows No Age or Calendar

Hunger crosses all ages and doesn’t have the ability to read a calendar. That means that adults and children alike can be affected and those in need don’t get a respite from hunger during the holidays. I was reminded of this a couple days ago with a news story on NPR radio.

Most of us celebrated the holiday season with favorite dishes and full tables. Not everyone was so fortunate. The trouble with that fact, is that the young people impacted by not having enough to eat feel the effects permeate their daily lives, even in the classroom. The ability to concentrate and learn affectively is dramatically challenged when feeling the pangs of a missed meal.

Local organizations, such as FOOD Share of Ventura County where I live, and Vineyard Family Services in the full story below, work hard to lessen and eliminate the grumble in children’s bellies so that they can focus. With the worry of the next meal taken care of, parents can then focus on other responsibilities, such as work, and the steps needed to improve their family’s situation.

Click here for the Full Story from Dan Carsen and NPR.

*Take a moment to visit Vineyard Family Services’ site as well to learn more about their unique Backpack Buddies program.

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