A Spot at the Thanksgiving Table

Happy Tuesday EBH Community. It’s two days until Thanksgiving and people are beginning to prep for their family gatherings and turkey dinners. Potatoes will be boiled for mashing and cranberry sauce will be decanned (although I strongly recommend a fresher option).

Unfortunately, there are individuals in our communities who do not have the means or opportunity to enjoy the holiday in the same manner. Thankfully, there are organizations and people working to secure a spot at the Thanksgiving table for everyone. Often times those groups serving the hungry need a helping hand as well though, and it’s our goal at Everybody’s Hungry to continue bringing awareness to that fact. This morning I came across the Facebook posting from a family friend that fully illustrates that need, as well as the sentiment of the holiday.

“Today, as I was making a delivery to a local food pantry with food to help for Thanksgiving, I was looking at their shelves and they were getting pretty low. So I got to thinking and thought I would put it out there to my FB friends to see who would like to help me get some stuff together to help fill their shelves back up for the holidays. Anybody like to help?…can food, paper products, meat products. Whatever you can do. Call me. I will come and pick it up.”* – Gary

Keep in mind, this is one man taking it upon himself to make a small impact and enlisting the help of those he trusts and cares for to share in his goal. That is truly recognizing that Everybody’s Hungry. And it shows that help starts with a single individual. I challenge all of you to locate a shelter, pantry or food bank in your area and make a simple donation of food or time as Gary is doing.

Cheers to you Gary. We’re proud to have you as part of the Everybody’s Hungry family.

“Enjoying food and life by taking a bite and sharing a bite.”

Please continue spreading the word to friends and family about the support that local food banks need during the holiday season. Everybody’s Hungry appreciates your voice.

*If you live in the LaPorte or Michigan City, IN area and want to give Gary a hand with efforts to resupply Lamb’s Chapel United Methodist Church, please reach out to me directly at jason@everybodyshungry.org so that I can put you in contact with him.

Other EBH affiliate campaigns that need help are below. Please feel free to note other groups that you may be supporting at the local level.

Can-Tree Campaign for FOOD Share of Ventura County

500 Turkeys of LaPorte, IN

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