Orange You Glad It’s Cupcake Day?!?

Cupcake Counter 4/6/12

The Cupcake Counter treat showcased this week is called the Orange You Glad It’s Cupcake Day?!? This Orangette inspired cupcake immediately reminds you of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. The luscious, orange-infused frosting underneath is just as creamy and the chocolate granache dip has a certain break to it. A subtle citrusy cake hides a surprise inside with large chunks of decadent chocolate. For a little pinch of fun, it gets topped with candied orange peel. If you like Orangettes, or even Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you would quickly vote this cupcake a winner.

*The Cupcake Counter features cupcakes and treats created by our very own Cupcake Fairy Princess, Toni C. All ingredients are fresh and local whenever possible. Finding inspiration in other desserts, cookies, candy bars and fruits, Toni mixes in love and fun to her homemade recipes.

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1 Response to Orange You Glad It’s Cupcake Day?!?

  1. Peggy AKA Ma says:

    Glad to see you are back at it, had no idea there was a cupcake day, but am liking the idea very much. The cupcake featured is beautiful, are you sure its edible??

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