Hidden Nourishment

It’s been a little while since my last posting and although I have been too busy and distracted to write, I haven’t been too busy or distracted to eat. Normally I write about the food and dining experiences that fill my days; specific ingredients, flavors, textures, side dishes, and the like. For this article, I’m staying consistent with my trend in respect to the food, but less about what it is and more about what it does.

<in a whisper to yourself> “What does he mean, what food does?”

There are the obvious answers; food squashes cravings, food satisfies appetite, food delivers vitamins and minerals to the body, food provides fuel and nourishment. All are correct, but only one is close to my focus for this article. That item is nourishment.The first thing that comes up when doing a web search for the word is as follows.

noun /ˈnəriSHmənt/  /ˈnə-riSH-/ 
nourishments, plural

1. The substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition
2. Food

The first definition, with it’s pure and beautiful ambiguousness is more in line with my realization about food lately. As I noted above, there is clearly a physical and biological need for food. And most often it just tastes good. But there is also a mental, emotional and social aspect that can’t be denied. People stage their birthday parties, social gatherings, blind dates, business meetings, etc. at restaurants and coffee shops not just because a particular place serves a quality product, but because it supplies a common language. Food catalyzes bringing people together and breaking down barriers. It provides comfort and nostalgia in good times and bad. From celebrating life to mourning death, food is often the medium through which people express themselves. It’s how people get to know each other.

Next time you’re prepping dinner and you realize you have too much lasagna, share the leftovers with coworkers. Found a great new restaurant in town? Invite friends out for the adventure, because it’s not just about the food. It’s about the bonding, the social interaction and the well being that is generated. With that, I’ll leave you with this little quip of my own creation.

A meal is always better with friends. Sometimes friends are better over a good meal. And food and the dining experience is nourishing more than just your body.

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