Guess Jay’s Plate – Sicily Pizzeria Trattoria

{Trumpets blare, announcing the coming of something epic.}

“Tonight…marks the first of many.” {echoing like on a stadium speaker system}

“Now presenting to you, for it’s very first appearance….Guess Jay’s Plate!”

Think you know me well enough to figure out what I put on my plate? Read on to find out how you can test your knowledge.

Tonight’s premier of Guess Jay’s Plate was inspired by the intense flavors and colors of the dish. I also felt it important to profile a local establishment as my first installment of the game since moving it to the blog from my Facebook account. The location where dinner was purchased tonight is Sicily Pizzeria Trattoria, in downtown Ventura, CA. There are additional clues below to help you make a guess, along with a link for the restaurant menu. Scope the menu and let your hunger be inspired. Don’t forget to leave a guess in the comments section, then check back at the end of the week for the answer and a photo. Good luck to all who participate.

– I’m definitely a meat eater, so keep that in mind when reviewing the menu.
– In contrast, or concert, with the above, my household endorses a balanced diet, so dinner almost always includes veggies or greens.
– Think classic ingredients, but with a sophisticated twist for a grown up palette.

Sicily Pizzeria Trattoria menu

Results Update:
After a week of guesses and participation, I am happy to post a photo of the first Guess Jay’s Plate item, along with a description. I hope everyone had fun playing. We look forward to the next installment coming soon.

The Gambino Pizza – Parma ham, gorgonzola cheese and fresh arugula

Our pizza was boxed hot and fresh. The ingredients provided a great combination of salty (ham), savory/sweet (sauce) and peppery (arugula). The creamy mouthfeel of the gorgonzola and fluffiness of the crust brought it all together.

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2 Responses to Guess Jay’s Plate – Sicily Pizzeria Trattoria

  1. eelizzy says:

    pasticcio alla siciliana: a classic regional dish, with a balance of meat, cheese and vegetables to satisfy your carnivorous, decadent and healthy personality.

  2. Yohan says:

    I would salute the guess of Pasticco Alla Siciliana, but reviewing the clues and the menu would have to defer to another dish. Spaghetti is truly a working class favorite, and as classic as a Prince Spaghetti Wednesday. Now add meat sauce and ground beef and we get the attention of the carnivore hiding inside the Hungry Man. Add celery, onion, and carrot we get an interesting twist for the adult palate, and a pinched nose frown from the spaghetteo crowd. I go with Spaghetti Alla Bolognese for the Hungry Man!

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