Soothing the Chaos

I was traveling through Charlotte today with a minor reminder that it was lunchtime, but was quickly informed by my senses that I was hungry for something else. I was derailed from my hectic pace toward the boarding gate by the lively, yet relaxing sounds of Levar at his glossy black, Yamaha piano. He had a smile and energy about him that let everyone know he was playing for him, but the passer-bys were more than welcome to join his world.

I did just that. Rather than rushing to the terminal and snacking a candy bar amongst the masses, I gnashed some pizza at a table next to the piano and let the music transport me from the bustling, noisy airport.

Sometimes, the best things in life are the small reminders of being alive. As you all know, I endorse “enjoying food and life by taking a bite and sharing a bite.” That doesn’t always require a major adventure or extensively planned event. Today, for a brief time, I simply fed on the the sweet sound of a piano in a food court kindly shared by a stranger.

So if you’re traveling through CLT and happen to be lured toward the food court when Levar is playing, stop and soothe the chaos for a few minutes. The body isn’t the only part of one’s self that needs nourishment and a recharge.

P.S., don’t forget to drop a few bucks in Levar’s fish bowl. It makes his grin widen, although I got the impression he would keep right on playing for no more than the smiles of those who took a moment to notice his sound.

*Special thanks to Levar for allowing me to photograph him and inspiring this posting.
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