All’s Fair in Summer and Food

It is definitely summertime again. Based upon recent weather reports, we’ve all experienced some sort of crazy heat. With high temps (and humidity like back in my home state of Indiana) usually comes the inescapable feeling of lethargy and a strong desire to sit with head in the refrigerator.

Eating, especially any type of heavy or rich foods, can often be low on the list. But don’t despair my fellow hungry folk, there are some awesome summer offerings out there, especially in the fruit and vegetable department. Check out the Interactive Ingredient Map at to see what’s available near you. 

Photo courtesy of the Ventura Vistors & Convention Bureau

I would challenge the thought that you only have to eat light during this time of year though. Why, might you ask? Because it’s also fair season.* Yay for rides, live music and games rigged to raise your blood pressure in pursuit of that fuzzy bunny. Most importantly, yay for fair food!

There is something comforting about fresh corn on the cob, giant smoked turkey legs, deep fried veggie baskets and funnel cake. The endless plumes of pink cotton candy and sticky caramel apples act like a time portal to childhood.

Nowadays the craze is all about deep fried concoctions. There’s Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies, bacon, fruit. If you can dream it up, someone is probably dropping it in a fryer.

No matter what your favorite bite is while wandering the games midway, take a trip to your local fair, do a little people watching, indulge in a yummy bite of something and enjoy the summer. It only comes once a year.

*The Ventura County Fair started August 3rd, but for those of you whose state or local fair has already occurred, I hope you were able to take a bite.

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